Although you don’t NEED an excuse to head outside and take a hike, I appreciate that the #OPTOUTSIDE tradition continues.  It gives me a set date that I know I will be able to do something fun with my nephews while one sister goes Black Friday shopping and the other works.

I have been trying to take them to a different place every year since this started – and this year was a little tricky.  My newest nephew was a bit too tiny to take along, but my oldest nephew is able to bike and hike pretty far.  That leaves the one in the middle – I don’t have any way to take him on a bike ride currently and I’m not exactly sure how far he would be willing to hike.  Of course I had the child carrier I used last year, but I wasn’t sure he would still fit in it.  I was assured when I got it that it could carry a child up to 50lbs and he’s less than that by far, but how far could I carry him?  Turns our he still fit and it was more comfortable than I remember!

So now where to take them?  I did some internet searching and found a bit of land called Landis Woods near where I grew up with several trails – that I never knew existed.  How could this 70 acres of land exists in the middle of a development?  I decided that would be the place to go this year because the elevation change wasn’t crazy and the trails were not very long – with multiple options to shorten the hike if needed.

So Dad, 2 of my 3 nephews and I headed out on a hike.  Nephew #1 was having fun finding unique shaped leaves and Nephew #2 marveled at the bridges and boadwalk sections over the streams.

This wasn’t the most exciting hike or the most scenic, but I swear this day gets better and better every year.  Maybe it’s seeing the smiles on their faces when we step into the woods to explore, maybe it’s the excitement of checking out a new place, or maybe it’s just the pure enjoyment of sharing an activity I love with some of my favorite people on the planet.  All I know is I plan to continue this tradition as long as they are willing to bundle up and enjoy a good cold hike on #OPTOUTSIDE day!  🙂


15 thoughts on “#OPTOUTSIDE 2018

  1. What a wonderful tradition. I am envious that you can hike with two generations! My father’s knee and foot have been giving him a time and I realize that I can no longer do something like this with him. I love the woods and the sound of you guys shuffling through the leaves is the best!

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  2. I wish I can OptOutside on Black Fridays but I usually work. Boo… I know. I love your tradition though! How sweet and wonderful for 3 generations to spend time together exploring outdoors!

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