Fairy Tale Challenge – EXPO

Whew! This was a crazy day. Let me start by telling you that awhile ago I signed up for another runDisney race series – the Princess Half weekend! I decided to do the Fairy Tale Challenge – which consists of a 10K and a half marathon back to back days – hey, that’s easier than the Dopey Challenge I did right!? So ANYWAY we booked our flight to leave Friday morning from Philly to Orlando – the flight was supposed to arrive at 3:00, giving me plenty of time to get to the Expo to pick up my race packet before they closed at 7:00. You note I just typed SUPPOSED to arrive at 3:00….

So yeah, the flight was delayed several HOURS – and landed at 5:04 PM – giving me about 2 hours to get my luggage, get the rental car, drive to the ESPN sports complex, and grab my packet. I WAS STRESSED. I didn’t have much hope I would make it, but Kevin kept saying “Plenty of time.”

We made it around 6:30 – giving me 1/2 hr to grab my packet and zoom around the expo and we were on our way out at 7:02 – whew!! I can not believe it worked out and I just made it.

And just like that I was ready to start the Princess Half Weekend in DISNEY WORLD!!!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Challenge – EXPO

  1. I hadn’t flown in a couple years and went to Mexico this past January … not only late flights but bumped right off our first a.m. flight to Atlanta just as we got to the counter. Bumped off the next flight to Atlanta. Made the third. Missed all connections to Puerto Vallarta and had to overnight in Atlanta and leave the next day. I have learned my lesson. NEVER rely on flight times! I am going again next year but plan to make it a two day trip – just get to Atlanta and PLAN on an overnight there – then arrive in Puerto Vallarta. I won’t even go into the return trip home. I detest flying! I am so glad you MADE IT!!! Also must be a nice change in weather for you!

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    • Oh my!!! That sounds like a horrible flight! I hope the rest of ur trip was awesome!!! And YES!!! I was loving the warm Florida weather!!! Sure beats the snow we’ve been having in PA! We spent 10 wonderful days in Florida- and then came home to a snow storm- brr!

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