Fairy Tale Challenge – 10K

The morning of the 10K I strapped on the tentacles I made after Kevin dropped me off at Epcot – transforming me into Ursula. I hoped they would not annoy me while I was running, which is why I wore them for the shorter of the 2 races. You really should take your costumes out for a test run, but I just wing it…

I wandered over to the start – there seemed to be wayyyy less people than there were at Dopey which really surprised me. It was already pretty hot at 5:00 AM and runDisney put out a heat advisory warning for the whole weekend. Keep in mind I am from PA – and when we left it was in the 40’s. Now I’m in Florida where it was in the 80’s and HUMID!!

I really enjoy this course – you run a little on the highway and then the rest is through Epcot around the World Showcase, around the boardwalk and back through part of Epcot into the parking lot. It gives you a lot to look at as you run.

I’m not sure what was going on with the skirt I wore to hide the brown belt I tied the tentacles to – it sort of got all bunched up as I ran, but still did it’s job from what I could tell. I even added a hidden Mickey to those tentacles which I thought was quite cute, but I doubt anyone could really see it (although I did proudly show it off to a few people who told me they liked my costume).

Another thing I did was go up to some runners dressed as Ariel and told them I was after their voice…they sort of looked at me in shock – like what is this crazy lady talking about?!?! Maybe it was too hot to joke around or maybe it wasn’t that funny so I stopped doing it. I SHOULD have brought a pen and scroll and asked them to sign like Ursula does in the movie…maybe that would have been funnier?

Also if you follow me on Instagram you know I was working on Flotsam and Jetsam to bring with me. I created her “little poopsies” so that they would hang from my arms and cross around my back to look like how they are always wrapped around her. I love how they turned out, but it was just way to hot to bring them – so they were left behind.

I finished hot and sweaty, but happy I didn’t see the balloon ladies during this run. Also I was happy my costume held up and wasn’t annoying to run in. WAHOO!! 1 run down – 1 to go! 🙂

Also for some reason auto correct keeps wanting to change TENTACLES to TESTICLES (YIKES!!) – I have read and REREAD this blog post, but if at any point you notice the latter word, PLEASE let me know so I can change it!! :/

9 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Challenge – 10K

  1. This post made me laugh so many times!! I don’t remember the voice part from the story either! I probably made the same face that you got from others. Ha! It’s been so long…I want to watch it again to refresh my memory. Darn auto correct feature! LOL! Great job on your 10K!!

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    • HAHHAA! I’m glad u had a good laugh! Yeah Ursula makes Ariel sign a contract which steals her voice because she knew the prince heard her singing and she wanted Ariel to fail being human. Ursula put Ariel’s voice in that seashell she wore around her neck- all because she wanted Ariel’s father the king to give up his trident to save her- and then Ursula could rule the oceans- it’s a very elaborate plan.
      And can u imagine MY face when I was proofreading my blog and realized it basically said I made a belt of TESTICLES and ran around Disney World 😳🤦‍♀️. That would make Mickey Mouse blush! OH MY- it is funny tho

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