Harpers Ferry – DC Episode 4

Here’s episode 4 of my bikepacking trip to DC – this is the start of day 2.  I take the ferry back across to the C&O trail and see some pretty cool wildlife along the way – including a giant pesty bee and a deer that jumps right in front of my bike!

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Harpers Ferry – DC part 1

I am trying something a little different for this trip – I started a vlog – every sunday I will post a new video of my time from my bikepacking trip from Harpers Ferry – DC.


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Cape Cod Rail Trail

I have been wanting to bike the 22 mile Cape Cod Rail Trail in Massachusetts since I saw it earlier this year in an article about the best rail trails by the beach (or something like that).  I was hooked – I wanted to bikepack to Nickerson State Park or some other campground along the trail, but was unable to get a campsite.  My parents decided they wanted to come along too so my bikepacking trip turned into just a long bike ride – which was fun!

The GPS said it would be a 6 hour drive, but with traffic it turned into about an 8 1/2 hour drive.  We checked into the hotel near the start of the trail in Dennis and were lucky to get a room on the 1st floor so we could keep our bikes in the room (no elevator).  I honestly have no idea what we did after we checked in – I think I just went to bed and my parents went and got ice cream and walked around a bit.  Why does a long car ride make you so tired??

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Bikepacking – What I Packed

I have had a lot of people ask what I brought with me on my bikepacking trip so I figured I’d put together a quick list.  The following items are what my nephew and I brought for our overnight trip.

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First Bikepacking Trip!

I have been TRYING all summer to take my nephew on a camping trip, but it just hadn’t been working out and has been extremely hot lately.  I have also been wanting to try bikepacking for a while so I decided to see if my nephew would be able to come on a short trip with me – win win right?!  🙂

In case you don’t know what bikepacking is, it is like backpacking except you load up all your camping gear in panniers (bags that attach to your bike) so you don’t have to carry it on your back….which I probably should have explained to my sister because she mentioned she was trying to fit his sleeping bag into his backpacking bag.  I had to laugh at the image of my nephew riding his new bike down the trail with his giant backpacking pack on his back.  I reassured my sister that I would be carrying everything on my bike and he could just focus on riding his.  🙂

I decided to take him on the York Heritage Rail Trail – which is a trail I have ridden a few times before.  The plan was to park at Glatfelters Station Parking Lot around mile 13 and then we would bike Indian Rock Campground which is right off the trail around mile 18, camp overnight, then bike back the next day.  This seemed like a reasonable distance to go for an 8 year old on a new bike and myself hauling all the gear – and it is a FLAT trail which is a plus!

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Lehigh Gorge Rail Trail

Every year I organize a bike trip to Jim Thorpe, PA.  This year we had 15 people join the fun!  We catch a shuttle from Jim Thorpe and ride it to White Haven where we jump on our bikes and have a pleasant 25 mile ride on the Lehigh Gorge Rail Trail back to our cars in Jim Thorpe.  This year the leaves were just starting to turn and there was a slight chill in the air – it was beautiful and PERFECT weather for a bike ride.

The train station in Jim Thorpe

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Perkiomen Trail

Today my parents and I headed out to check out a little bit of the Perkiomen Trail which is a 20 mile, multi use trail in Montgomery County, PA.  We wanted to go for a bike ride and I wanted to check out someplace different – I read about some people who hiked a bit of this trail,  ate at the Appalachian Brewing Co, and then hiked back to their cars – what an awesome idea!  I had never eaten at an Appalachian Brewing Co so I was excited about that too!

We grabbed our bikes and headed out – we parked right in the parking lot for ABC in Collegeville, PA.  The parking lot was huge and there was an opening in the fence to get right on the trail.  We decided to head south – it was only 5 1/2 miles to where the trail meets up with the Schuylkill River Trail.

The trail started off as gravel and rocks and there were a few road crossings.  About 1/2 way to our destination the trail was paved so it was very easy to ride on!  This section of trail had a few more ups and downs than other bike trails I have been on, but they weren’t bad at all – just a little tricky on the rocky sections because you slide around a little.  The trail went through the town and then went into the woods by the Perkiomen Creek- I love trails that follow water.  There is something so relaxing about moving water – I really think I could watch it all day!

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York County Heritage Rail Trail

Kevin and I decided to check out some of the York County Heritage Rail Trail on our bikes today.  I absolutely LOVE rail trails as you can usually cover some pretty decent mileage on flat terrain with amazing views.  The trail is approximately 20 miles long and also connects at the Mason Dixon Line to the Northern Central Railroad Trail (AKA the Torrey C. Brown trail) which is a 20 mile rail trail in Maryland.  I had done a portion of these trails in the beginning of the summer with my Mom, but there were sections that I had seen pictures of online that I wanted to check out – so we grabbed our bikes and headed out!

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