Ebright Azimuth, Delaware

Ebright Azimuth the highest point in Delaware is probably the easiest to achieve- if you can even call it an achievement!  It is literally along a road next to a sidewalk next to a trailer park.  I wonder how many people drive that road every day and don’t even realize what the sign says!

We were in Delaware for the Titanoboa exhibit at the Delaware Museum of Natural Science for my nephew’s birthday.


Once we explored the museum, Kevin and I headed out to find Ebright Azimuth.  It was pretty easy to find as the road it’s on is called Ebright Rd.  The sidewalk is actually cut around the USGS marker- I read on summitpost.org that they actually PAVED OVER the USGS marker until someone contacted local officials and the sidewalk was cut away to expose the marker again!

ea2 ea3

It’s actually the 2nd lowest state highpoint at 448′ of elevation – only Florida is lower!  So there ya have it- a super easy highpoint to claim!

3 thoughts on “Ebright Azimuth, Delaware

    • Oh ya- wait til u look into some of them- for CT a lot of people think it’s Bear Mtn- which is the highest SUMMIT but the actual highest point is the Mt Frissell southern slope (the peak of Mt Frissell is actually in MA) lol!! It gets so crazy!


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