Mt Davis, PA and other Pennsylvania adventures!

I have to say, I have never really been to Pittsburg or the surrounding area before, but my parents were talking about how they always wanted to see the Frank Lloyd Wright house Falling Water.  I read online that Falling Water is pretty close to the PA state highpoint Mt Davis- so let’s make this trip happen!  🙂

We planned a weekend to see Falling Water and Kentuck Knob- another Frank Lloyd Wright house that was close by – I think there’s even a 3rd house somewhere but we didn’t really have time for that.  You have to get tickets ahead of time, so I reserved them online- We couldn’t get into Falling Water until later so we got tickets for Kentuck Knob first.  Plan this trip ahead of time as tickets sell out FAST for Falling Water!!

Kentuck Knob was AMAZING!  I loved that it was in the woods and the house just felt like it blended into the surroundings.  They took you up on a bus from the visitors center and gave you a guided tour of the home- it is actually owned by someone, but they let people tour the house.  It had a lot of the original furniture still in the house- actually it was pretty cool to see how some of the furniture in the living room and dining room was built specifically for the space it was placed.  You are not aloud to take pictures inside the house which is a total bummer, but take my word for it- it was awesome!  When your tour was over, you could either take the bus back to the visitors center or take a short hike- of course we decided to hike back!

reminded me of my Joey Girl!!

this signed tile is worth like a million-billion dollars—I forget exactly how much they said, but there is only a handful of them

There was a lot of art work on the stroll back- some of it was very strange, but the walk through the woods was nice and not difficult at all.

part of the Berlin Wall- seems a bit out of place, but still cool to see

sign for the Berlin Wall

We had a little bit of time before the Falling Water tour so we stopped to see Cucumber Falls which was on the way.  I LOVE waterfalls and this one was pretty amazing, but as it was such a nice day there was a TON of people around.  We didn’t have time to hike to the base of the falls, only to view it from a lookout a short hike from the parking lot (we were actually lucky to find a spot as there were so many people!

Next Falling Water – I always want to say Falling WaterS, but I guess that is incorrect.  We parked and walked down to the visitors center which was awesome in itself and waited for them to call our group.  Once our group was called we were aloud to hike down to the house.  The walk was beautiful and just meandered through the woods.

When I saw the house for the first time I just though “ok, I’m moving in here” – an awesome house with a waterfall right under it??  There was even an area that had steps going down to a little natural pool right before the main waterfall and right under the house- yeah- I could live here no problem.  Again we were not aloud to take photos of the inside of the house – BUMMER!!  They actually had guards who would rush you and yell if you took your camera out!  You just have to go see for yourself how awesome it is- trust me!

After Falling Water we went to see Ohiopye Falls- I can never get enough waterfalls!  🙂  We could see where parts of the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail came through Ohiopyle – I have that on my list to do for sure– just need to find the time to do it!  We also went over to see the natural waterslide- I wanted to do this soo bad, but we couldn’t even find a place to park to see it!  So next time for sure.  I read some reviews online about the natural waterslide and some lady gave it 1 star because she felt someone should go and take out all of the pebbles and rocks as people could cut themselves while doing it- ummm NATURAL waterslide….just sayin.  No one is gonna do that lady- and hate to tell ya they would just drift back down anyway.  So strange to me what people complain about!

We stayed at a hotel overnight and in the morning set out for Mt Davis!!!  It was pretty easy to find the parking lot.  We got our things together and set out for the mile or so hike that I read about- we started down the trail and turned a corner and—there was the fire tower to our left.  What??  That was it?  Turns out we found another parking area that I don’t remember reading about which is literally only a 3 minute walk from the highpoint.  Well that was easy!

So we got a bunch of pictures and climbed to the top of the sketchy old fire tower.  It made me a little nervous- not gonna lie, but the view from the top was pretty cool!


  Once my Dad got to the top we heard him yell “BITCH!” at the top of his lungs.  I whipped around to see if he was ok while my mom yelled “SHHH!!!”  He was fine and it turns out he was just reading some of the graffiti that people scratched into the tower.  We could not stop laughing- especially because my mom shushed him and there was NO ONE around – we did not see another hiker the entire trip.  So go ahead Dad, swear all you want as loud as you want at the highest point of Pennsylvania!  🙂

Highest point in PA!

We decided to hike down the trail to the OTHER parking lot, just so we could say we hiked it!  It was a really pretty walk through the woods with a lot of wildflowers.  When we got to the end there was a picnic area, but as we didn’t plan on eating there we just turned around and hiked back.

The next stop was the 9/11 Flight 93 Memorial- it got me a little choked up to see, especially reading the names on the wall.  It was so quiet and peaceful there, hard to believe that people lost their lives in a horrifying plane crash due to terrorists.  We wandered around, reading all the signs and paying our respects to the lives lost.  It was sort of a sad way to end our trip.
We were sure able to fit a lot into just 2 days and I was grateful for the beautiful weather!  Now, when’s the next road trip??  🙂

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