MS City To Shore 2017

Another year, another City to Shore ride.  I have to say, this year was extremely hot – I believe the 2nd hottest year that I have done this ride.  My dad dropped Kevin and I off at the start at around 5:30 AM (despite the fact Kevin said years ago that he would never do the ride again – that was the hottest year I ever did it) he decided he wanted to go with me again this year.  We both recently got road bikes so we figured we would have a good chance of it not taking all day.

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JoJo and I need your help!

Hi – JoJo and I entered a contest with Audible to win a new car – since I have had the same car since 2001 I figured what the heck – let’s see if I can win one!

We worked really really hard on the video submission and would really appreciate it if you could go to the link below (you may have to search for us under Dana and Pennsylvania and sometimes you have to be in Chrome to be able to see the videos) and vote for our 30 second video about why we love Audible!


VOTE for JoJo and I!

Oh – here’s a cute picture of JoJo – just for fun:


2017 State High Point Road Trip

I’m not quite sure why it has taken me so long to blog about my road trip with my dad – we had such a great time and ended up getting 8 state highpoints in like 6 days – I really doubted it was possible.  This blog post is going to be an overview of the entire trip – I will write an entire post for each highpoint (eventually).

My dad and I studied the map for all the highpoints and decided to head out and get as many as we could with the time we had.  It was rainy when we left and I just threw everything in the car right after work and took off to meet my dad.  We had been on the road for about 2 hours when I realized I forgot all the dry food I had packed – I grabbed the cooler, but the bin w/ all the bread, cereal, etc was still on the dining room table.  CRAP!  Well, I figured we could just grab what we needed along the way, there was no point in going back for it.

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I want to ride my bicycle…

I am finally able to start cycling a little- so last Friday I decided to take my bike for a spin to my local library book sale – about a mile away.  I figured that was a reasonable distance to try for my first bike ride back since hurting my heel – Its only about a mile and very flat.  So I headed over, locked up my bike and headed in to look at all the books.  I found 3  for $1 each that I had on my list of book I want to read which I will ultimately add to the huge pile of books that I hope to eventually read in my lifetime.  ANYWAY as I headed back over to my bike I pulled out my keys and tried to unlock the bike lock – didn’t work.  I stood next to my bike thinking, ‘OH SHIT.’

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Hello From The Other Side…

So I have been a little quiet on the blog lately…if you have been reading this blog and/or watching my Youtube channel, you know I have been having problems with my heel/foot for a while and have had to rest it and wear one of those giant boots.  I found out I needed to keep wearing the boot all through April and the 1st week of May which was very disappointing, but it does still hurt, so I understand.  I want it to be fully healed before I start hiking/cycling so I don’t re-injure it and have to start all over.

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30 Days of Biking – week 2

Unfortunately  my foot/heel is still painful so I had to come up with a backup plan QUICK to continue with 30 days of biking.  I didn’t want to do the same thing as the last video and just have other people riding around in place of me – so inspired by the fact that my mom dresses as the Easter Bunny every year and this picture I took of my of my nephew:

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30 days of biking starts TOMORROW!!  Since I am not supposed to be cycling right now due to my heel/foot injury a few family and friends have volunteered to take some days for me.  I will be doing the bicycle exercise and also posting once of my favorite cycling videos everyday over on my facebook and twitter pages so feel free to check them out!  Hopefully my doctor says I can get back to cycling at my follow up appointment next friday so JoJo and I can check out some cool bike trails!

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Marathon Training: UPDATE

Unfortunately my heel pain has become a constant problem – I am pretty sure I have plantar fasciitis so I have been doing various stretches, rolling it with a ball thingy, and got a splint to wear at night.  I know rest is the most important thing right now, but what does that mean for all the races I signed up for this spring?  It was suggested that I rest it for at LEAST 10 weeks – I don’t want it to become a chronic condition or get any worse.  I will most likely go to a doctor to see how long I need to rest my foot for, but I am super disappointed about this.  :/

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