Panorama Point Nebraska State Highpoint – Road Trip Day 4

On day 4 of our road trip my dad and I got up early and drove to Panorama Point in Nebraska.  I took a screen shot of the directions from because I knew this highpoint was in the middle of a field so I wasn’t sure how much cell reception I would have.  The instructions from that web site were perfect and took us right to the highpoint.

From I-80 in NE:

-Take Exit 8, just East of the WY-NE border
-Go S on CR 17 for 10.0 miles until dead-end
-Turn W (R) on CR 8 and continue for 4.2 miles
-Turn S (L) on CR 9 and continue for 1.0 miles
-Turn W (R) on CR 6 and continue for 2.0 miles
-Turn S (L) on CR 5 and continue for 2.0 miles
-Turn W (R) on dirt road with sign, cross double cattle guard (for bison!) and continue for 1.0 miles to a bend to the right (NNW), and continue0.2 miles to the highpoint marker

The road heading back is not paved – expect gravel and stones.  You could hear the constant “PING” of them hitting the car and an occasional “KLUNK” of a larger rock.  I was holding my breath the whole time – especially near the end where there were a few ruts in the road, making it tricky to drive, but we made it!

This is on private property and the owners ask for a $3 per person donation to visit the summit.  There are envelopes and a donation box right at the start of the lane.  The owners ask you to not hike down the lane because of Bison on the property (note the strips you have to drive over which Bison will not cross.)

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Road Trip Days 1-3

“Do you realize we have driven for 3 days and over 1500 miles and still didn’t get to any of the state highpoints yet?”  my dad pointed out.

It was true – my Dad and I planned a road trip and we were supposed to go to Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois to visit those highpoints, but they were calling for some crazy storms in that area so we decided to just keep driving and hit Nebraska, North Dakota, Iowa and Illinois instead.

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NJ/ MA/ CT state high points

I have to say I just came back from an absolute wonderful weekend road trip with my Dad!

As we were heading to the NJ state high point, somewhere in PA, we happened to see a guy standing on the side of the road wearing a backpack and holding a cardboard sign– all I saw on the sign was a stacked A T written in black sharpie— the famed symbol for the APPALACHIAN TRAIL!  I yelled for my dad to stop!!  “He’s an Appalachian trail hiker!  Should we give him a lift??”  My dad quickly replied “SURE!”  So I hopped out and flagged him over.

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RI/ NH/ VT/ MA State Highpoints

Kevin and I had a 3 day weekend so we decided to try to knock out a few state highpoints.  I wanted to do the same trip the Summit Chicks did and snag 5 highpoints in 3 days – CT,MA, VT, NH, and RI.  Piece of cake right?  Honestly it was a bit harder than I thought to try to plan everything and where we could stay.  MapQuest is AWESOME and I love that you can put in your route and click a button so it shows you lodging and campsites along your drive.  I planned to do the exact same route the summit chicks did, but Kevin said that he didn’t want to drive his giant truck up Mt Washington on a Saturday when there would be tons of traffic and people to deal with.  I agreed- there is actually some rules about how big and wide your vehicle can be for Mt Washington – Kevin’s was ok- barely, so if you are planning this trip and have a larger vehicle you may want to look into this!  So we ultimately decided to do the loop of highpoints the Summit Chicks did, but in reverse.

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Harney Peak, South Dakota

When our vacation to South Dakota was approaching we would have one of the following conversations with people:

“What are you doing for vacation?”

“We’re going to see Mount Rushmore.”

“Where’s that?”

“South Dakota.”


“Where are you going for vacation?”

“South Dakota”

“What is out there?” in a totally confused tone of voice

“Mount Rushmore”

“OH! I never knew that’s where that was!”

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Mt Davis, PA and other Pennsylvania adventures!

I have to say, I have never really been to Pittsburg or the surrounding area before, but my parents were talking about how they always wanted to see the Frank Lloyd Wright house Falling Water.  I read online that Falling Water is pretty close to the PA state highpoint Mt Davis- so let’s make this trip happen!  🙂

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Maryland and West Virginia State Highpoints

I’m not exactly sure what got me interested in hiking all the state highpoints.  I like hiking and seeing new places- so why not right?  So after much planning, my dad and I set off to conquer 3 state highpoints – that was the plan anyway.  I follow the Summit Chicks blog and got a lot of information about the highpoints from them as well as various other sites.  I saw that you could potentially get 3 highpoints in 1 day – WV, MD and PA.  Always up for a challenge, I started making plans for a road trip with my dad and JoJo.  We saw that Skyline Drive was fairly close to Spruce Knob, the West Virginia highpoint and I have always wanted to see Shenandoah National Park so we decided to take the scenic route to our 1st highpoint.

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